Saturday, May 20, 2017

What are the advantages of free job listings for employers?


Why should an employer post vacancies on a job portal? There are many advantages of listing jobs on a portal but most employers post their vacancies online only to take advantage of free listings? For more information Find jobs in Surrey

Let’s explore why free listings are offered by portals

Reason 1: Free listing is a marketing strategy to bring employers to the portal

When something is offered for free, its value increases in the eyes of users. Here the free thing is job listing and the users are employers. The portals get more vacancies to post on their sites.

Reason 2: Free listing is provided to educate employers on how portals work

With free listing, the employers can learn to post their vacancies online and make an opinion on the online job portals. It is an opportunity to take help of technology without paying a single penny.

Reason 3: Free listing is provided to encourage employers to post their vacancies online

Employers have many fears and apprehensions regarding job listings in Montreal and for this reason they hesitate in posting their jobs online. Here free listings can work.

Reason 4: Free listing is a way of branding

Online job market is saturated with websites that publish jobs. When a new site comes up, it tries attracting employers by offering free job listings in Calgary. Free word attracts eyeballs and brings mind to a standstill position.

Reason 5:Free listing is a way to bring small and medium companies to portal

Online job portals have free and paid listings where free service comes with limited features and paid service has added advantages. Companies that can’t afford paid service can take advantage of free listings.

Reason 6: Free listings are for trials of service

When a new service starts, it is offered for free so that the targeted users can try the service and give their opinion. Those impressed with the service will certainly buy it.

Reason 7: Free listings could be experiment of the website

Chances are that the site that is offering free listings is simply experimenting with the service and it could roll out full service at a later date.

Reason 8: Free listing could be to make things easy

Employers might have fear and apprehensions about job portals. With free listings, they can post their jobs and then think of paid listings, if they are happy with the service. Today every job portal provides free service.

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