Friday, April 28, 2017

Google is also betting on online job service

I’ll start the blog with latestnews on online job listings in Surrey. Google is soon starting its job search with the name of Google Hire. It is in starting stage but soon, the world will get the fully functional version of Google Hire. This step by the largest search engine shows that in future all the searches for career opportunities will take place on the web.

Lessons to be taken from Google Hire

Employers need not rely only on job portals to hire candidates as the job portals can only work as platforms; highlight requirements by various employers and drive traffic towards their sites. It is the employers that are responsible for locating right talent for their needs. Advantages of listing a requirement on a website are:

·         Improved visibility
·         More candidates applying
·         Time saving
·         Little expense
·         Convenience of modifying listing
·         Speed
·         Transparency

In order to have full benefits of online job listing, you need to look into certain factors like search engine rank of the job portals; listing form; ease of making changes in the listed requirements and charges for the service.

Search engine rank: It is position of websites on search result pages but it tells many things about websites. High page is an indication of high traffic and popularity. But search engine rank of sites varies from one keyword to another. A website might have high rank on one keyword and low on other. You should search the site that ranks high on the keyword that your visitors are searching.

Listing form: You will be provided an online form to create listing for your See job listings in Winnipeg to have a better idea on how listings are created. It will help you create a better listing that is brief in size by descriptive in nature.

Ease of making changes: You make a listing and wait for some time to see response. If you feel that the response is slow, you could make some changes in the job description to make it more convenient for the targeted jobseekers. You should easily make changes in the description instead of creating a new listing.
Listing charges: A job portal is a business entity and like other businesses it also wants to make profit. You will be charged a fee for listing but it shouldn’t be an expensive affair. Some job portals are offering free listing for first month and offering premium service at an affordable fee.

Google Hire is an eye opener for employees

With Google rolling out job features for its visitors; employers should understand value of connecting with online jobseekers. Some employers hold vacancies for no visible reason. Unable to find talent matching with their needs, they keep their fingers crossed and continue working with their existing teams. Today everyone is a jobseeker, if he/she is able to find right job for his/her needs.

As an employer your job is to post your requirement online and wait for the response. You need not investing money on listing your job as you can take advantage of free listings. Let your job visible for targeted jobseekers for a month and change the listing, if you don’t get talent after one month.

How to choose job portals?

There are many websites that publish jobs but you need to be choosey while looking for sites where you can post job listings in Surrey. First is targeting a market like Surrey. You should add the city name in the keyword to find the portals that are leading in the keyword with city name. Similarly, you can rate quality of the portal from its features before listing your job on it.

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