Monday, April 24, 2017

There is no disadvantage of searching vacancies on job portals

Jobseekers are now using Internet to find jobs in Calgary. They no longer waste their Sunday noon circling vacancies in the weekly classifieds and calling their friends and colleagues to know more about the circled companies. While online job hunting has its advantages but it has some disadvantages as well.

This blog is on disadvantages of online-hunting and the ways to turn those disadvantages into benefits.

Limited job pool

According a data on online-jobs, only one-fourth of all vacancies are advertised on the web. Just like there are HR companies that help find placements, there are job portals that help jobseekers. But only one-fourth of all the vacancies are published on job portals. The data is true but it is fast changing. Now more and more employers post their requirements on the web. It is so because the job-listing sites have changed into professional HR companies.

Latest data on online job-listing shows steady increase in the number of online jobs. The job portals encourage employers to publish their vacancies on portals. They offer:

·         Free job-listings for limited period
·         Requirements categorized into regions
·         Related vacancies clubbed together

Employers can list their jobs free of cost for a limited time that is up to one month and if they want to keep their listings posted, they can hire premium service that comes with added advantages like access to the portal database where the employers can find resumes of jobseekers.

Competition is disadvantage

Newspaper classifieds have limited visibility as newspapers are circulated in a certain geographic area. Also the jobs published in black and white and in small font could get unnoticed. Jobs posted on newspapers get little attention in comparison to online jobs but this disadvantage can be converted into a blessing. Hundreds and thousands of jobseekers can find jobs in Montreal but only suitable candidates get the opportunity.

Competition was high when jobs were limited but today there are more jobs on the web than ever before. Number of vacancies has increased steadily over the time and this increase has reduced competition. Now everyone can find a job matching with his/her academic qualification and work experience. There is no competition today as there are more vacancies available.


When you apply for a job, you want to tell everything to convince the employer. You know that it is the only opportunity to relate your qualification and experience with the requirement. You can write a cover letter detailing your school background, knowledge and intelligence. In other words, you can give a personal touch to the application.

It will be wrong to say that online applications are impersonal. There are many ways in which resumes can be made personal. For instance, you can add your photo on the resume and also you can give links to the companies, you worked for. What is more exciting is that, you can connect your resume to social media like LinkedIn where employers can get more information about your past and present jobs.

Unreliability of job postings

A vacancy on Sunday classifieds is open for all but it can’t be said about online job-listing. The listing might be closed just before your application reaches to the employers. Newspaper vacancies give a time frame for sending applications but it can’t be said about online jobs that can be filled the same day they are published.

When you find jobs in Calgary, you see work opportunities in that city only and with every posting, you see the date of publication. It is true that some job listings keep posted even after they’re closed but here you can take precaution that is applying for the jobs that are recently posted. 

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