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Top 7 advantages of online job posting

Advertisement is the only way to let jobseekers know what opportunities you’ve hence, it is necessary that you promote your vacancies on right platform to reach out to as many jobseekers as you can. Newspaper is still the first choice of employers to post their vacancies but Internet is fast taking the large chunk of jobs posted on print media.

Since Internet can be accessed from tablets and Smartphones that are more like pocket PCs than calling devices, jobseekers are relying more on job portals than newspapers. They can easily find jobs in Toronto and other cities in Canada on their tablets. Employers can update their vacancies on various portals from time to time and make the opportunities available in real time.

Here are 7 biggest advantages of listing vacancies online

1. Expand your reach

Posting your vacancies on a portal will give you more viewers than posting opportunities on social media and on your company website. A website that is dedicated to publishing vacancies will get more visitors than your corporate site. The jobseekers might be unware about vacancies in your organization hence they won’t search your company. But they can find your vacancies on a job portal and apply for the vacant post.

2. Find right candidate

Companies often receive junk mails carrying resumes of unsuitable candidates. It is so because they are selecting candidates randomly. Jobseekers try relating their resumes with vacancies in order to increase their chances of getting employment. If you’re publishing your vacancies in print media or social media then there are greater chances of your getting junk resumes. List posts in online job listings inVancouver or any other city to get right candidates for the posts.

3. Increase accessibility of your postings

When the vacancies are available on the web, jobseekers can access the posts anytime and from anywhere. Also they can easily apply for the post with a single click on their tabs and Smartphones. Today people keep their resumes ready with cover letters on their mails. It is so because they don’t want to miss any opportunity.

4. Ease of apply

You can make it simple for the candidates to apply for your postings. For instance, the candidates could be asked to fill a small online form in which they can explain why they’re the best candidates for the vacancy. In this way, you can not only help them find jobs in Toronto but also apply for the vacancies.

5. Not an expensive affair

Posting vacancies online isn’t an expensive affair. There are many job portals that allow postings free for a certain time that is up to a month. Your posting will remain on the portal for the said period and you can keep extend the period, if you don’t find right candidate within the free time period. On the contrary, newspapers will charge every time you post your vacancy.

6. Save time

Once you’re member of a job portal, you can post vacancies of your organization as and when required and also you can access database of the portal to search right candidates for the vacant posts. If you can find right candidate in the database, there’s little need to post the requirement. The shortlisted persons can be called for interviews. Similarly, the job listings in Vancouver and other cities will attract talent.

7. Look reliable

Companies that post their vacancies on leading job portals look reliable. Jobseekers rely on the portals and the opportunities provided by the portals. Senior and experienced persons looking for change apply only when they find the employer reliable. Using a job portal is a way to build confidence among human resource. 

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