Thursday, April 27, 2017

Secrets to find right jobs and applying on right time

A newly appointed professional goes to Twitter to tell the world that she’s new responsibility and that she’s quite happy with her new job. But here real objective is to highlight her presence in job market that has become high-tech with launch of high-profile job portals. It is her first step in the direction to find jobs in Halifax.

What Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have to do with your career?

It is social media and it is always buzzing with activities. It is the most happening place on the virtual world. People rely on social media for information on businesses and also on individuals. Jobseekers can take advantage of social media to highlight their skills and get seen. Use your Facebook posts, tweets and LinkedIn contacts as votes for you and get an edge over others.

Precaution: It is exciting to use social media in your favor but you should be careful while making posts, commenting on others or tweeting. Remember that employers are watching and even a little mistake could spoil your chances of getting seen. You should be professional in your approach while using the social media.

Polish your resume regularly

Prepare your resume in such a way that the employers don’t find need of asking many questions during interview. A professionally written resume can even remove the need of interview and turn the personal interaction into a friendly chitchat between employers and jobseekers. Be straightforward while writing the resume and use unambiguous language for resume writing. You can use power words but selectively.

Precaution: Enthusiastic jobseekers can go to the extent of making the employers curious about their qualifications and work experience. If you elaborate your skills and talent in an extraordinary way, you’ll make employers crazy and they will grill in interview. Polishing resume is necessary to find jobs in Surrey but you should avoid being overenthusiastic with polishing your resume.

Make different resumes for different jobs

Just like you can’t wear your wedding gown for interview, you can’t rely on one type of resume for every job. Ideally you should have a set of resumes for different jobs. If you’ve multiple skills then you should prepare a resume to highlight each skill. It will be a mistake to send one type of CV for every job. Also you should classify jobs according to their requirements and there is no harm in writing a fresh resume and cover letter for a new job posting. In reality, resume writing is a way to relate your candidature with the requirement.

Precaution: Avoid copying resumes. In order to create a fresh resume, you could use a readymade format that might not be suitable for the job you’re applying for. You should determine value of your present resume and need of a fresh CV only after going through the job requirement.

Apply for the job you’re eligible for

There are hundreds and thousands of jobs but you can’t apply for all the jobs. You should stick to your field and try getting the best by highlighting your presence through your resume and social media posts. Applying for unsuitable jobs will result in rejection and continuous rejection could have a negative impact on your online reputation. Also never apply for a position again and again but you can apply for the position using different resumes.

Precaution: Jobseekers especially freshers keep applying for every job they find attractive. They give little attention to the requirements when they find jobs in Halifax. Excited to find many jobs, the freshers keep clicking apply on every job and expect quick response. You should know that job hunting is quite a task and not a cakewalk.

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