Saturday, April 22, 2017

How you can improve job views on portals?

How would you make your job visible for jobseekers so that you can attract talent and get the best person for the vacant position in your organization? You’ll either publish your job posting on newspaper classifieds or go through online way. If you publish your job listings in Toronto in a high traffic job portal, you’ve greater chances to attract talent.

Advantages of a job portal

High traffic: Today everyone is a jobseeker as everyone wants to make a striking career in his/her chosen field. Number of jobseekers is increasing day-by-day and it is good news for employers that are always looking for talent. But not all job portals get high traffic. Much depends on design, development and presentation of opportunities.

Indexing of jobs: You will publish the job in the list of related opportunities. People looking the opportunity like yours in the list where you have posted opportunity of your company. They will browse through the listed opportunities and view your posting. People interested in your offer will send their resumes for your consideration and you’ll get CVs of candidates matching with your needs.

Save time: Once your job is visible, you can expect quick response from the jobseekers. If you publish the post on newspaper then you’ll have to wait until the newspaper is delivered to people. But newspapers have their limitations. They can spread the message to limited number of persons.

Online posts are forever: Your post will be on the portal until you delete it. In this way, you can escape the hassle of publishing your job again and again until you find right person for the job. The online post can be forwarded to others. Jobseekers can share interesting job listings in Mississauga with their friends.

You can manage your post:You can determine date of publication and also you can customize the posting by adding a city to it. In this way, you can filter your search and get relevant resumes for your needs. But this facility isn’t available with traditional ways like newspaper classifieds.

Design your post to make it attractive: If you want to attract talent then you first need drafting an attractive post. Make sure that the viewers are able to understand requirements for the post. Everything from key responsibilities to expected remuneration should be clear from the listing. If you’re unable to draft an interesting post, you can learn from others.

See response every hour: It is only with online post that you can see how many jobseekers have viewed your post and how many resumes you received from online posting. You can calculate the ratio of views and resumes. If you find that the resumes received are less in number than views; you can think of ways to reach out to targeted jobseekers.

Edit the post to increase its visibility: If you find no response in first few days of making the job posting then you should edit the post to make it more attractive. No response is a sign that the jobseekers aren’t able to understand your message. You can edit the post within the first hour of listing the job.

Save money: You’ll be surprised to know that most job portals provide free service for up to a month. A month is sufficient to find talent but if you want to extend the posting then you buy premium service. The premium service will be cost effective in comparison to newspaper classifieds.

Select job portal intelligently: There are many job portals that allow job listing in Toronto but you should list your job in the portal that gets maximum number of jobseekers and also that has more features than others. 

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